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Your go-to non-emergency transport service- best of the best


The most challenging prospect of traveling to the hospital while you’re in pain or are sick is the bumpy ride that simply adds fuel to your ache. And imagine if this is something you have to go through umpteen number of times in a week as you go for a checkup. In such a scenario, a comfortable and compassionate ride is something everyone desires.


This is where Medi Cab Corp comes to the rescue. Our non-emergency transport service is unparalleled to any other medical transport experience that you may have ever had. We cater to the needs of our customers and incorporate into our services the basic elements that would better help us achieve the satisfaction of our clients.


If you are a Medicaid insured client or a private pay client looking for transport to go to your rehabilitation clinic, doctor’s appointment, nursing home, dialysis clinic, physical therapy center, Hospice center and more get in touch with Medi Cab Corp today.  


The best non-emergency medical transport services in

New York

Full assistance to disabled customers

Medi Cab Corp understands the needs of every single customer who ever requires our services. Our customers also include those who are physically disabled and hence require aid in moving from their house to the vehicle.


Our experienced and compassionate drivers are well trained to provide door-to-door service to the customers who cannot walk freely on their own to the vehicle. Our drivers assist them in walking and safely load them into the vehicle without causing them any trouble or pain.

Curb-to-curb service

While we are very compassionate and sympathetic towards our disabled clients, we also do not leave those in perfect shape untended. Our expert drivers walk alongside the customer, giving them full freedom to move around as they please while making sure that they reach their doorstep safe and sound.


We consider it our topmost responsibility to make sure that the customers are safely picked up and returned to their house under the watch of a professional driver who has been trained to provide emotional support and deliver a sense of safety to our customers.

Dialysis Appointments
Hospice Care Transportation
Drug Rehabilitation Facilities
Nursing Homes and Adult Living Facilities
Hospitals and Clinics
Physical Therapy Appointments
Doctor Visits

Area We Service

Albany NY
MAS p.# 866-883-7865
Rensselaer NY
MAS p.# 866-883-7865
Schenectady NY
MAS p.# 866-883-7865
Saratoga NY
MAS p.# 866-883-7865
Washington NY
MAS p.# 866-883-7865
Warren NY
MAS p.# 866-883-7865
Columbia NY
MAS p.# 866-883-7865
Green NY
MAS p.# 866-883-7865
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