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About Us

Experience that Shows

Medi Cab Corp- Providing the Ultimate Transportation Aid to Residents in Upstate NY

Medi Cab Corp is a pioneer in rendering comfortable and smooth rides to its customers. We pride ourselves on providing safe, clean and reliable transportation to upstate NY and the capital district whom we have been serving tirelessly for the past five years.


We have worked hard to gain the reputation and the trust of our customers which ultimately led us to become the number one non-emergency transport facility in the whole of New York. We service our customers whole-heartedly and consider them our biggest responsibility. Hence, it is only natural that we place the comfort and the desires of our patients before our convenience.


Our Mission


The dread of missing your appointment with your doctor because your cab is taking too long to arrive is real. We understand that. Hence, Medi Cab Corp envisions to provide the kind of service that is not only utterly safe and comfortable but also will never make you miss an appointment again!


We hope to expand further into the vicinity of the New York state to serve rural areas where people find it extremely difficult to travel safely and promptly to there healthcare appointments. With Medi Cab Corp servicing in your area, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about missing your healthcare appointment.

Why Choose Medi Cab Corp?

Safe, Reliable & Clean

Medi Cab Corp provides vehicles that drive smooth like a dream. With our transportation service, you shall never have to experience a bumpy ride again!

Servicing upstate NY and the Capital district

Whether it is as early as six in the morning or as late as midnight, Medi Cab Corp has never learned to say no to its customers! We provide transport from five am to eight pm

Friendly and comfortable

Medi Cab Corps works to see that beautiful smile on your face. Our drivers are friendly and compassionate. Even an hour-long ride with our personnel would feel like a few minutes to you.


We try our level best to keep our customers entertained while they travel from their house to the hospital so that they’re cheered up even in the worst of moods. Do not believe our word? Experience it for yourself!


Affordable non-emergency transportation services in New York


At Medi Cab Corp, we want to serve the community and help everyone fulfill their non-medical emergency needs. We keep our costs low and reasonable so that even those on a budget can afford to take regular rides to the dialysis center, rehab center, nursing home, adult living clinic, hospital or doctor for regular check-ups. We care about your needs only as much as we care about ours.


The quality of our service is never compromised. We go out of the way to make sure that all our customers are treated alike.

We make going to your healthcare appointment easy and hassle-free.

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