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How to book a luxurious ride with Medi Cab Corp through Medicaid

Booking a ride with Medi Cab Corp is pretty straightforward once you’re registered with the Medical Answering Society (MAS).


Before registering with MAS, you would have to get approved by the Medicaid Program that is responsible to ensure that you are eligible to get enrolled with the non-emergency transportation services. Once that’s done, MAS would ensure that your services are paid for. Make sure to request Medi Cab Corp to be your provider.



You could then simply call the MAS at a number that is specific to your country. You would need to provide some details to the MAS, to begin with.


These include:


  1. The Medicaid number you’re enrolled with (Optional)

  2. Your Name

  3. Your Date of Birth

  4. The address you currently reside in

  5. Your contact info

  6. The medical reason for transportation

  7. The level of transportation required

  8. The name of the doctor that you have an appointment with

  9. The date and time of your appointment

  10. Finally, and most importantly, the location of the medical center where you have an appointment fixed.


For your convenience, we advise that you book all the rides to your medical center at least three days before your appointment.


While we do try our best to accommodate urgent medical rides, please do understand that we do not bear responsibility for that. We are liable for “non-emergency” rides only and hence the expanded time slot for booking your rides.





How to book a luxurious ride with Medi Cab Corp as a Self Pay Client



If you’re a Private Pay Client, you simply call us at 518-960-2583 and book your ride.  We accept all forms of payment.  If you are a frequent rider we can set you up for weekly billing.


Areas We Service

Never heard of our name in your area? Too bad! You can avail the top-notch services of Medi Cab Corp in the following areas in the New York region.


  • Albany county

  • Columbia county

  • Green county

  • Rensselaer county

  • Saratoga county

  • Schenectady county

  • Washington county

  • Warren county


We also serve all local areas, so if you’re residing in one of these, rejoice! Medi Cab Corp is at your service!


What We Offer

Our drivers are punctual, friendly and compassionate, and will take you to your appointment on time. Our vehicles are clean and smoke-free so that you can travel in a safe and healthy environment. 

Assisting the customer to the safety of their house

The trained drivers of Medi Cab Corp assist the clients from their house to the vehicle. They also ensure that the client walks safe back into the house by walking them to their door if needed.


Book a ride with us today


Our customers are our top priority! To book a ride with Medi Cab, simply dial the MAS number next to your county and ask for Medi Cab Corp.


If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us directly at 516 301-0475 or 518 960-2583 or email us at


We look forward to servicing your non-emergency medical transportation needs!

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