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Medi Cab Corp Professional Transportation Services

Experience that Shows

Take smooth and hassle-free rides to your nearest medical appointment.

Your notably reliable, non-emergency medical transportation provider


Are you tired of waiting and waiting for your cab to arrive at your doorstep and take you to your healthcare appointment? Does traveling to your healthcare appointment or dialysis treatment or  general checkup feel like an arduous task you’d rather skip? Have no fear! Medi Cab Corp will make your travels safe, on time and friendly! That is a promise we uphold to the highest standard!


Going to the doctor made easy

Whether you need to go to a rehab facility, hospital, or a routine visit or you need to go to the dentist for a routine checkup, or even your nearest urgent care facility we’ve got you covered! Medi Cab Corp understands all your concerns and addresses them sympathetically by bringing you the highest standard of non-medical emergency transport services right at your doorstep.


We go out of our way to eliminate any hurdles in your path so that you can reach your medical center on time, safe and sound, without any problems. Our trained and experienced drivers are both friendly and compassionate, and prioritize the comfort and well-being of their customers before their own.

What We Offer?

Our services include picking up a patient from their house and transporting them safely to their requested medical destination.

On-time transport

We make sure that all our customers reach their medical center on time, without any problems. Once the appointment is over, our drivers are responsible for picking up the patient from the hospital and driving them back safely to their home.

Safe and Secure

All of this is done in a secure, pleasant and comfortable manner that is monitored by Medi Cab Corp itself. Our services are for anyone who’s looking for a way to put an end to their travel worries and are up for enjoying a safe, enjoyable and friendly ride.

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